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GOEN:Make value of relationships ご縁を大切に

Thank you very much for seeing our site.

We establishded our company in kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, and we were able to celebrate the 100 anniversary in Osaka in 2015.

ZENNO & CO., LTD. would value our management principle “Goen” and confidence we kept in the long run, we keep broadening our “keep changing corporate” policy in Japan domestic also to outside Japan, then we hope to be value of all.
There is sentence from the book of Charles Robert Darwin, who wrote “Evolution theory” said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

ZENNO & CO., LTD. takes all reason is our origin and commits all to keep changing, growing up. We continue our activities in Japan and outside Japan so that we would keep supporting part of your life.

Ryo Zenno

Code of Conduct

Global Active Concierge

Corporate Profile

Company name Zenno & Co., Ltd.
Date of foundation March 1915
Date of establishment May 1947
Address 20-21, 1-chome, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002
(Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line)
Phone: (06) 6443-4461 (reception)/
Fax: (06) 6443-4468
Paid-up capital 48 million yen
Sales volume 11,651 million yen (Performance as of December 2020 : Parrent Company)
14,257 million yen (Performance as of December 2020 : an entire Zenno company)
Board of directors Ryo Zenno, President
Yuichi Imari, Director
Fumiko Zenno, Director
Masami Kobayashi, Director
Masakazu Kekka, Director
Junko Zenno, Auditor
Number of employees 32 persons(GROUP TOTAL 51 Persons)
Business activities *Import and sales of natural,chemical,synthetic fibers and yarns
*Design, manufacturing, repair, sales, export,and import of conveyor line systems and parts
*Company owned real estate leasing
*Operation of parking facilities
*Sales of disposable slippers and hotel toiletries
*Business activities incidental to each of the preceding items
Main clients ES fiber visions. Co., Ltd./Kelheim Fibres GmbH/Sateri (Fu Jian) Fibre Co.,Ltd./DAINIHON JOCHUGIKU CO., LTD./TSUBAKIMOTO KOGYO CO.,LTD./TOYOBO CO., LTD./Toray Industries, Inc./NISSHOKU Corporation/Panasonic Corporation/Hirata Corporation/Huvis Corporation(Korea)/MARUSAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD./Unicharm Corporation/LiveDo CORPORATION/Hotel (City Hotel and Business Hotel) /And other approximately 250 companies
Main banks The Senshu Ikeda Bank Ltd.(Osaka-nishi branch)/The Shoko Chukin Bank (Osaka branch)/Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Dojima branch)/Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Dojima branch)/Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Umeda branch)/Resona Bank, Limited (Midosuji branch)

Overseas subsidiaries

Company name SIAM ZENNO CO.,LTD.
Date of establishment August 1995
Address 44/1 Room 201, Soi Smarnchan-Barbos, Sukhumvit 42 Road, Prakanong Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone:(66-2)712-3435/712-3436 /
Paid-up capital 4 million bahts (THB)
Representative Takanari Shiotsu, President
Number of employees 7 persons
Business activities *Design, manufacture, sales of (in-house) transportation line pallets
*Wholesaling of fiber raw materials, semi-finished goods, and fiber products
*Sales of fiber, nonwoven, fiber processed products, materials for hygienic products, industrial materials etc.
Company name ZENNO(TIANJIN) CO.,LTD.
Date of establishment February 2012
Address Rm2106 International Trade Center, No.39 Nanjing Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, 300203, China
Phone: (86-22) 5853-1651 /
Fax: (86-22) 5853-1653
Paid-up capital 3.5 million dollars (USD)
Representative Masami Kobayashi, President
Number of employees 6 persons
business activities *Wholesaling of fiber raw materials, semi-finished goods, and fiber products
*Sales of fiber, nonwoven, fiber processed products, materials for hygienic products, industrial materials etc.
Date of establishment June 2015
Address Gedung Bumi Mandiri Tower II, Lt.6-Ruang605, Jl. Panglima Sudirman No.66-68 Surabaya, 60271, Indonesia
Phone:(62-31)9920-5130 /
Paid-up capital 1,435 thousand dollars (USD)
Representative Kenji Fujita, President
Number of employees 7 persons
business activities *Wholesaling of fiber raw materials, semi-finished goods, and fiber products
*Sales of fiber, nonwoven, fiber processed products, materials for hygienic products, industrial materials etc.

(As of the end of March 2020)

Organization chart


Our Team

-The Global Fiber Sales Division-

The Global Fiber Sales Division mainly deals with staple fibers and nonwovens. Its primary businesses are supplying synthetic staple fibers as nonwoven materials for manufacture of hygienic products, such as disposable diapers, tampons, wipes, and masks, and the sale of nonwovens. It handles some 34,000 tons of staple fibers per year with its volume of staple fibers for use in short nonwoven fibers being among the highest in Japan. The team has developed a structure that can cope with a wide variety of customer needs and plans through provision of various and diverse types of staple fibers, and its high levels of expertise and expedition in global sales of staple fibers and nonwovens, demonstrated through domestic and international transactions and through trilateral trade, are highly rated both in Japan and internationally. Going forward, the team will further enhance cooperation with trading partners through development of a structure for integrated marketing, from sales of staple fibers through strengthening of its capabilities in nonwoven sales and solution-based sales, to product development.

-The Functional Products Sales Division-

The Functional Products Sales Division mainly handles products planned and developed jointly with customers or suppliers, through activities including product sales, development of processed products, and OEM contracting. Its businesses are built on two major foundations: the hotel amenities business and the facilities/transportation products sales business, which chiefly serves factories producing light electrical appliances. In the hotel amenities business, its disposable slippers, in particular, are a product line on which it demonstrates a high level of cost performance through the delivery of custom-made products for full-service and limited-service hotels in Japan and painstaking quality guidance at partner plants overseas, and its share of the hotel market continues to grow from year to year. It also plans to grow sales of amenities products through initiatives that include the sale of deodorant products developed under its own brand. In the facilities/transportation products business, it boasts the top market share in Japan for line pallets. It sells line pallets to customers that include manufacturers of electrical appliances and conveyors, as well as machinery trading companies, both in Japan and worldwide, and its Japanese-made line pallets are regarded highly for delivering better quality than competitors and offering solutions to help customers improve their production efficiency. It also has overseas production and supply structures in business areas, such as facilities, including line pallets, and processed metal products, and it sells products globally to markets that include Asia, Europe, and North and Central America to meet the needs of customers' changing business conditions. Its other business activities include sales of masks and proposing solutions for a wide range of products, including elastic and shape-retaining materials for use in masks, materials for medical and food-products factories, processed products for civil engineering and landscaping use, plastic multi-function beds, and interior and furniture products.

-Office Work・Delivery Control Team-

The Office Work-Delivery Control Team handles all aspects of delivery operations including shipping and inventory control, based on orders placed and received, and on processing vouchers. It realizes stable supply through closely sharing information with sales staff, and it is ready to respond promptly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. Today, with international transactions on the increase, all team members have passed the Proficiency Test in Trading Business to deliver the efficient and practical trade administration and satisfying customer service that have earned the strong trust of our customers.

-General Affairs & Accounting Dept-

Zenno’s General Affairs & Accounting Department is he Company’s back-office organization. Specifically, it handles all aspects of finance, legal affairs, accounting, and general affairs (including human resources and recruitment), under the head office administration organization. As the contact point for Zenno, whose corporate vision calls for “valuing ties with others,” this department’s most important responsibility is to maintain close relationships with financial institutions, tax accountants, and other professionals, and with internal stakeholders such as shareholders, executives, employees, and retirees.

-Overseas Bases-

History of the company

Mar. 1915
Shutaro Zenno founded Zenno Shoten in Kobe, and started export of waste yarn and carded products and sales of railroad cars.
Kuhachizo Zenno, the eldest son of the founder, succeeded the family business.
Mar. 1945
The office moved to Sannomiya, Ikuta-ku, Kobe, and the factory and warehouse moved to Naruo, Nishinomiya after war damage.
May 1947
The company was incorporated as a private limited company.
Jan. 1952
The Osaka branch opened at the location of the company's present headquarters.
Oct. 1952
The company was reorganized into a joint-stock company.
The Chemical Fiber department was newly established to start domestic sales of raw materials of chemical and synthetic fibers. The company also started sales of imported cotton.
Mar. 1968
The company's headquarters moved to its present location.
The Nonwoven department was Unit was newly established to start sales primarily of raw materials for nonwoven fabrics and nonwoven fabric products.
The Interior division was newly established to start sales primarily of raw material of fibers,spinning yarns,and final products.
Susumu Zenno, the eldest son of the second president, became the third president.
Jul. 1989
The company was renamed as Zenno and Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1995
Siam Zenno Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
Apr. 2004
The company reorganized itself into its current organization consisting of three sections: Nonwoven Materials Section, Living Materials Section, and Trading Materials Section
Oct. 2007
The company added Line-Pallet business, and it reorganized itself into its current organization consisting of three Sales Dept; Sales Dept-T, Sales Dept-U, Sales Dept-V.
Oct. 2007
Susumu Zenno, the third president was promoted as chairman, and Ryo Zenno was inaugurated as fourth president.
Feb. 2012
Zenno (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established in Tianjin, China.
Jun. 2015
PT. Zenno Trading Indonesia was established in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Jan. 2019
Two-division structure adopted, consisting of the Global Fiber Sales Division and the Functional Products Sales Division



Zenno & Co., Ltd.
20-21, 1-chome, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002 (Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line)