What kind of company is Zenno?
What kind of people work for Zenno?

We asked young employees who work in various parts of the world about the kind of company Zenno is, and what kinds of people work there.


  • 高本 和也


    Global Fiber Sales

    Six years of service

    INTERVIEW After experiencing a transfer between departments

  • 藤関 心


    Functional Products Sales Dept

    Five years of service

    INTERVIEW As a female sales representative

  • 森田 顕次


    Machinery Products Dept

    Four years of service

    INTERVIEW As a senior colleague

  • 塩津 宇翔



    Seven years of service

    INTERVIEW On an overseas assignment

  • 永蔵 明音


    Office Work・Delivery Control Team

    Ten years of service

    INTERVIEW On my second childcare leave



What kind of company is Zenno?


The atmosphere at Zenno is very pleasant. We don't have as many employees as major companies, so I don't think there are any cliques. We are very close to our bosses such that others might think it's weird (laughing). We all get along not only at work but also in our private lives. People in the same age group go on short trips, go mountain climbing, and go out to eat. Some people hang out frequently both on weekdays and holidays. I think there is also a futsal club.


When I first joined Zenno, people around me willingly talked to me. I was impressed by the company's friendly atmosphere. So it didn't take long for me to blend in. People in this company are comfortable talking to each other not only in their own departments but also company-wide. So I would also like to casually approach newcomers. Zenno has an open corporate culture where good ideas are adopted regardless of rank according to circumstances, which is a good thing.


Zenno has a cozy atmosphere where female employees naturally gather during the lunch break and enjoy a pleasant conversation over lunch. We are so close to each other with no barrier between sales and clerical staff. It is normal for us to chat with those in higher positions. We are also close to the president. I sometimes take a glance at the president's office and our eyes meet, and I enter his office to talk to him (laughing). For me, Zenno is a place where I feel comfortable and relaxed.


I think Zenno is a company where employees have both horizontal and vertical communication and are given a great deal of leeway. Employees are friends with each other so we feel comfortable talking about anything. I'm in charge of accounting, and the department manager often accepts my proposals. With a culture of trying new things, the company can adopt a variety of different opinions from the employees and improve. I think it's the best thing about Zenno.


I think Zenno is a company that gives its employees an opportunity to grow. The company requires that each employee have their own perspective and be active, but encourages them to do what they want. The company places a great deal of importance on hiring people based on their personality, so if you are willing and motivated to acquire the ability to do what you cannot do right now in one or two years, I think the company will appreciate your motivation. If there is something you are willing to do, such as working overseas for different experiences and learning professional business, you can give it your all at Zenno.

Zenno, the company that allows you to employ your skills overseas


Overseas assignments are usually three years in length and those who return to Japan from overseas tend to go to another country right away. I think only those who want to work overseas are employed by Zenno (laughing).

At Zenno, we can go to a faraway place or even a foreign country simply by saying, "I'm going," without anyone's permission (this is an extreme argument though), while ordinary companies require people to submit an application that must be approved by many. I think we feel motivated because we can work freely in our own style by planning our work at our own discretion.


As a company expanding its businesses overseas, Zenno welcomes people who can speak other languages. If you can speak English, I think you can hit the ground running and work internationally. I studied Chinese when I was a student so most of my work is related to Chinese-speaking countries so that I can utilize my Chinese skills. I think Zenno appreciated my experience in working in Tianjin at my previous job.


As we will start an extensive follow-up of the Indonesian subsidiary this year, I think I will have to go there frequently. There are no major differences in accounting rules around the world, so I'd like to organize the basic accounting practices adopted in Japan and grasp the local situation to find the best method of accounting there. As the Indonesian subsidiary still has much room for improvement, I'd like to provide adequate support so that it can grow.


Thailand is the first foreign country I worked in. Though I lived alone for the first eight months, my family moved here and has been with me ever since. I think it is difficult for local staff to have different Japanese supervisors every three years. However, I don't like to compromise, so the local staff and I used to bump heads with each other. The longer we worked together, the more we came to understand each other's method of working and built a smooth working relationship. Working overseas is sometimes difficult, but it can be very rewarding.


Zenno plans numerous recreational activities as ways of fostering communication. They include in-house golf competitions, bowling tournaments, and futsal. By enabling us to see new sides to our colleagues - aspects that are not easily evident during everyday work --- these activities serve as enjoyable ways to deepen friendships among employees. Some of these recreational activities are shown below.

  • Dinner party

    Dinner party

  • Futsal


  • Golf


  • Climbing


  • Dinner party

    Dinner party

  • Bowling competition

    Bowling competition

  • Futsal