Machinery Products Dept

The Machinery Products Department supports manufacturing at plants. The department is good at providing transportation line pallets, rotating pallets, and top boards in different-sized lots, including small lots, and significantly contributes to the improvement of production efficiency at production sites. We can respond to a wide range of needs for metal processing, resin processing, automated equipment, products, and materials by handling those products manufactured in Japan and by importing them from overseas.


We mainly handle transportation pallets used for manufacturing products and components. As for transportation pallets, we can also manufacture conductive pallets so that various tests and examinations can be conducted on one pallet. We also process worktables and top boards after receiving an order by using the technologies to manufacture transportation pallets.

  • パレット(木製)
  • チャネル天板
  • パレット(ABS)
Trading Products
  • ・Line pallets (wood, resin, metal, etc.)
  • ・Cell carts
  • ・Top boards
    • Pallets (wood)
    Pallets (wood)

    We are good at providing pallets in different-sized lots including small lots. The strengths of our pallets are low cost, lightweight, and durable. Though we propose wood (LC=lumber core, MDF) as the main material, we can propose hundreds of materials and functions according to customer needs. We have been a pallet manufacturer with the largest share in Japan and have a track record of more than 40 years manufacturing work stations to be used by consumer electronics, automobile, and machinery manufacturers when manufacturing various products (mainly in assembly lines) and transportation pallets. We also handle wooden transportation pallets for forklifts.

    • Channel top boards
    Channel top boards

    Channel top boards are made by integrating foam and plastic. They are lightweight because foam is used. Rich in color options. As they are easy to process, channel letters can be made just by cutting them. As they allow users to directly write on them and erase it, they can also be used for various purposes including top boards.
    *Use whiteboard markers

    • Pallets (ABS)
    Pallets (ABS)

    We provide pallets that meet customers' requirements by using lightweight resin and engineering plastic to improve the processing accuracy. We also handle ordinary resin pallets used for storing goods in warehouses.
    *Product example (the above picture): Pallet (ABS) They are used in assembly lines in a production process where they are submerged in water.

Metal/resin products

We manufacture order-made products made by canning, sheet-metal processing, and cutting and in small lots.

  • Sheet metal products
  • Processed metal products
  • Processed resin products
Trading Products
  • Major metal products:Stainless teel, aluminum, structural steel
  • materials Major resin products:MC Nylon, POM, Duracon, PVC, Paulownia, PE, etc.
    • Sheet metal products
    Sheet metal products

    We propose made-to-order processed stainless and iron products according to customers' requests about size and shape.
    Examples of laser processing: Sheet thickness: up to 5 mm (Stainless), up to 9 mm (iron) Size: up to 1220 mm x 2440 mm

    • Processed metal products
    Processed metal products

    We also propose cutting and surface treatment (plating) custom-made one as customers equipment standard parts.
    *Product example (the above picture): Quick stopper
    Because the traditional stoppers are secured to a shaft at one point with a bolt, the shaft is likely to become damaged and worn after a long period of use, which is a problem. Quick stoppers can be firmly secured using their flat surface with the eccentric cam structure; therefore, they will not cause any problem if used for a long period of time. In addition, it is easy to tighten and loosen them with a single touch using a lever.

    • Processed resin products
    Processed resin products

    We handle a variety of resin products processed by cutting that come in different material types ranging from low-cost overseas products to many kinds of domestic products manufactured in small lots with high precision. In addition, we can also manufacture resin products by laser processing and molding.
    *Product example (the above picture): Resin pin
    They can be press-fit with a single touch and enable the significant reduction of man-hours by replacing bolts.

Plant equipment/products

We have a record of accomplishments in supplying equipment and sub-products of equipment to customers in Japan and overseas and provide a one-stop service until the equipment is installed. When importing and installing the machines made by overseas partner equipment manufacturers, we strive to deliver them to our customers efficiently, including customs clearance procedures, and provide comprehensive support ranging from equipment to services.

  • Alphao コネクタ
  • Rack for automated warehouses
  • Various transportation conveyors
  • Automated equipment
Trading Products
  • ・Various transportation conveyors
  • ・Racks for automated warehouses
  • ・Connectors
  • ・Current collectors
  • ・Repair, maintenance, of various equipments and their import / export operation
    • Alphao コネクタ
    • Alphao コネクタ
    Alphao connectors

    1. No need to remove sheathing from cables
    2. No need to connect conducting wires
    3. No need to use tape
    Just swaging the connector and cables together using your crimping tool or Alphao tool allows an electric current to pass through.

    • Rack for automated warehouses
    Rack for automated warehouses

    We have a record of accomplishments selling two types of rack materials for automated warehouses in Japan and overseas: welded type and knockdown type (forming).
    We realize the streamlining of logistics management through our products.

    • Various transportation conveyors
    Various transportation conveyors

    We handle a variety of conveyors, such as chain driven roller conveyors, roller conveyors, and slat conveyors.
    We propose made-to-order products according to customer needs.

    • Automated equipment
    Automated equipment

    We handle different types of automated equipment (machines) manufactured by domestic and overseas partner equipment manufacturers.
    When importing and installing them, we provide comprehensive support ranging from customs clearance procedures to repair and maintenance of equipment.