Functional Products Sales Dept.

We supply materials and OEM products that meet the needs of our customers in a wide range of industries such as hotel, nursing care, household products, food, healthcare, and civil engineering.
We also focus on joint development projects with a number of companies to help them manufacture products.

Hotel amenities

We sell slippers for hotels along with a range of toiletries.
We are planning to launch “Sustainaslipper,” slippers that can contribute to SDGs.

  • slippers
  • Deodorizer
Trading Products
  • ・Slippers for hotels
  • ・Deodorizer『Luxair®』
  • ・Hair dryer bags
  • ・Eco-friendly products (biodegradability, CO2 reduction, recycling)
    • Slippers

    We sell disposable slippers to hotels throughout Japan. We have a system to stably supply quality products so that hotel guests can relax with comfort. We also conduct the joint development of original slippers, and they are well-received. In addition, we are currently developing slippers that can contribute to the SDGs.

    • Air refreshers
    Air refreshers

    Luxair is an industrial sanitizing and deodorizing alcohol spray that eliminates odors. The product eliminates cigarette odor with its strong deodorizing power without masking the odor with fragrances. It is widely used in hotels, Japanese “Ryokan”, rental cars, and gyms.

Industrial materials

We provide raw materials, materials, and post processing according to customer needs.

  • Tapes (industrial)
  • Masterbatches
Trading Products
  • ・Masterbatches (biodegradability, CO2 reduction, anti-bacterial performance)
  • ・Wide range of tapes and adhesives
  • ・Various kinds of processing (ultrasonic bonding, slits, rewinding, lamination, printing, bag making, Thomson punching, etc.)
    • Tapes (industrial)
    Tapes (industrial)

    We provide different types of tapes, including not only general-purpose tapes for offices and homes but also industrial tapes for use in paper tubes and paper edges in the papermaking process. We can propose products suitable for customer needs.
    [Water-soluble tapes, aluminum tapes, curing tapes, tapes for weed control fabrics, waterproof tapes, double-sided tapes, etc.]

    • Masterbatches

    We offer masterbatches that can be added at the prescribed ratio during the plastic molding process to provide additional value, such as biodegradability, CO2 reduction, and antibacterial performance.

Disposable products

We handle a wide range of disposable products for use in a variety of fields, including hygiene, industry, lifestyle, food, healthcare, and nursing care.
We provide products that are suitable for customer needs and purposes.

  • Disposable caps
  • Many kinds of disposable gloves (PVC, nitrile)
  • Materials for masks (nose wires/ ear loops)
Trading Products
  • ・Disposable caps (mob caps, bouffant caps)
  • ・Protective suits
  • ・Various kinds of gloves
  • ・Materials for masks(nose wires, ear loops, boxes for mask products)
  • ・Disinfectants
    • Disposable caps
    Disposable caps

    We handle a variety of disposable caps. We can propose many types of breathable caps in different sizes according to customer needs. In addition, we can also help manufacture private brand products.

    • Many kinds of disposable gloves (PVC, nitrile)
    Many kinds of disposable gloves (PVC, nitrile)

    We handle a variety of disposable gloves. With a wide product range, we can propose products for different purposes: food, healthcare, cleaning, sterilization, nursing care, and industrial use. We provide thin, soft plastic gloves suitable for manual work where it is important to feel objects with the fingers, general-purpose vinyl gloves, and nitrile gloves that fit the hands. We can also help manufacture private brand products.

    • Materials for masks (nose wires/ ear loops)
    Materials for masks (nose wires/ ear loops)

    We handle all the materials necessary to manufacture masks. Because our products range from different kinds of nonwoven fabrics to nose pieces (nose wires), ear loops, boxes for mask products, and detectors for use during the manufacturing process, we can make comprehensive proposals to meet the specifications required by customers and solve their problems.