Life Solution Dept.

We mainly provide materials for hygiene products such as nonwoven fabrics, elastic materials, and films.
As a specialized trading company, our mission is to supply original materials that meet consumer requirements including eco-friendly materials that contribute to the SDGs.
Drawing upon our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are also actively engaged in developing and supplying OEM products using our unique materials and processing methods.

Hygiene products

We handle a wide range of primary materials and secondary materials used for disposable diapers and sanitary napkins. We sell high-quality materials purchased from domestic and overseas suppliers that meet market needs in a price range adjusted to match market growth and are actively working to contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society in the future.

Hygiene products
Trading Products
  • ・Elastic materials (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, spandex)
  • ・Films (Moisture permeable films for diapers and sanitary napkins, non-moisture permeable films for outer packaging)
  • ・Others (SAP, SAP sheets, hot-melt adhesives)

Nonwoven fabrics

We have a wide range of competitive nonwoven fabrics manufactured in Japan and overseas to be used in various fields including hygiene, healthcare, cosmetics, food, daily life and industrial use. In particular, because short-fiber nonwoven fabrics can be developed from our main business fiber (we have a number of materials with unique properties), we are able respond to the needs of various customers ranging from companies selling general-purpose products to those working in niche markets.

Nonwoven fabrics
Trading Products
  • ・Through-air bonded, spunlace, needle-punched
  • ・Spunbonded, SMS, meltblown

OEM products

We handle various OEM products such as disposable gloves, disposable nonwoven caps, and cleaning cloths made of nonwoven fabrics. Please feel free to contact us.

Trading Products
  • ・Face masks, cosmetic puffs
  • ・Various cloths (for both household and professional use)
  • ・Disposable gloves (PVC/ nitrile), nonwoven caps